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Privacy policy

OPTIMUS GROUP Co., Ltd. and our group companies (hereinafter "OPTIMUS GROUP") conducts its business in compliance with our corporate policies to meet stakeholder expectations and to gain stakeholder trust. Personal information is the valuable property of stakeholders and should be handled with stringent care. OPTIMUS GROUP handles stakeholders' personal information in accordance with the basic rules stated below.

1. Compliance with the laws and regulations/standards

OPTIMUS GROUP shall ensure compliance with the relevant laws and regulations concerning the handling of personal information and the guidelines and other standards established by the national government.

2. Ensuring of appropriate information management

OPTIMUS GROUP shall appoint the supervisor in charge of personal information and take measures for appropriate prevention against and remedies in the unauthorised use, loss, damages, falsification and leakage of personal information. In addition, OPTIMUS GROUP shall implement education, training and programmes for the Handling of Personal Information for all officers, employees, and others to tackle appropriate management challenges.

3. Acquisition, purpose and scope of use

When keeping personal information, OPTIMUS GROUP shall clarify the purpose of use and any acquire the information to such extent as considered necessary. In addition, OPTIMUS GROUP shall not use, provide or entrust the handling of personal information in excess of the agreed scope of, the purpose in, or the range of the request as permitted under the laws and regulations or standards (hereinafter referred to as the "scope of the purpose of use, etc.").

4. Limitation and management of use, etc.

OPTIMUS GROUP shall keep personal information confidential and manage the information appropriately so as not to exceed the scope of the purpose of use, etc. In addition, based on the scope of the purpose of use, etc., when personal information is transmitted to or received from the outside, OPTIMUS GROUP shall manage and supervise the handling of such information so that it is handled under strict control.

5. Establishment and continuous improvement of the personal information protection

management system
OPTIMUS GROUP shall develop and continuously improve these rules to enable appropriate handling of personal information.

6. Contact for inquiries and complaints about personal information

OPTIMUS GROUP has the "Contact for Inquiries about Personal Information" and promptly respond to the inquiries or complaints about the use of and handling of personal information submitted by the relevant person.

Purpose of use as for personal information

OPTIMUS GROUP may collect personal information as necessary to operate its businesses and use it for [the purpose of use] described below.

In addition, OPTIMUS GROUP may entrust all or a portion of these activities to third parties to conduct operation smoothly, in which case it shall provide personal information within the scope necessary for OPTIMUS GROUP to achieve the stated purpose of use. In this event, OPTIMUS GROUP will conclude an agreement with the subcontractor(s) regarding handling of personal information and shall exercise proper supervision thereof.

The purpose of use

  • To conclude and execute agreements including provision of its products and services, etc.; to manage signed agreements; and to provide follow-up services for offered products and services
  • To make necessary communication to provide its products and services and to deliver products, etc.
  • To provide information about its products and services and OPTIMUS GROUP's business activities
  • To conclude and execute agreements with business partners; to manage signed agreements; and to make necessary communication with business partners, etc.
  • To send notifications on meetings and other events hosted by OPTIMUS GROUP or organizations to which OPTIMUS GROUP belongs, and to make necessary communication, etc.
  • To respond to inquiries and opinions received by OPTIMUS GROUP
  • To deliver corporate information to those who wish to or are expected to work for OPTIMUS GROUP and to make necessary communication
  • To maintain facilities, equipment and devices, and to manage current status of the use thereof