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Our services

The Optimus Value Chain

The Optimus Group value chain is a series of consecutive steps that connect each of our businesses to support our customers’ needs in the delivery of end-to-end automotive solutions. Either for industry or for the retail consumer. Up to now our predominant market has been New Zealand, where we’ve built a consistent value chain that encompasses export, logistics, quarantine inspection, compliance, vehicle sourcing and wholesaling, along with retail and wholesale financing for industry and consumer. 

There are various inter-connected processes for delivering used vehicles from Japan to overseas dealers, with each process usually undertaken by a separate business operator.

Our value chain delivers a streamlined, problem-free experience for our customers by taking control of the entire process end-to-end – from procurement to cleaning and maintenance, inspection and quarantine, customs clearance, marine transportation and local maintenance and vehicle inspection.

Trading: Online Stock sourcing

The Optimus Group has online aggregation tools designed to allow customers to locate a range of vehicle assets.

These aggregators allow customers to simply and easily access assets listed within auction and broker forums.

Inspection Services

Providing pre-checks such as quarantine services including Heat Treatment, and specialised vehicle services such as service and odometer checks, road safety inspections and compliance approvals.

Transport & Logistics

The Optimus Group provide both land and sea transportation services.  This includes container shipping as well as roll-on/roll-off shipping for vehicles across North America, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia-Pacific.

Retail and Wholesale Financing

The Optimus Group have financier businesses providing retail customers with practical and simple financing solutions. Wholesale facilities are also available for dealership customers.


This segment addresses vehicle data across trucks, cars and motorbikes and covers research and data-intelligence, data process automation and online training services supporting global OEM’s.

Vehicle Retailing

The Optimus Group has recently expanded into the retailing sector with investment into the OzCar and Car Empire businesses in Australia. This segment is a growth area for the Group and now includes the expansion into new car franchising through the acquisition of Autopact.